help needed to upgrade from Visual Studio2003 to VS2005

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im upgrading from vs2003 to vs 2005 and the following code is creating a big error..... i wish anyone can help me fix the problem!! member amit shrestha 1 hr 47mins ago

void Separate::WordSeparate1(ArrayList* start,ArrayList* end)
ArrayList** wordStart=new ArrayList*();
ArrayList** wordEnd=new ArrayList*();
IEnumerator *wordStartEnumerator,*wordEndEnumerator;
ArrayList** wordStart1=new ArrayList*();
ArrayList** wordEnd1=new ArrayList*();

the concept of double pointer is only available in i need to work this function in vs2005. how can i use the concept of double pointer in VS2005???

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What errors do you get?
I don't think the problem is that VS2005 doesn't support double pointers. True I haven't checked explicitly but I'm quite certain it does.