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Help me to upgrade my computer

Discussion in 'Gadget Analysis' started by nadunalexander, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. nadunalexander

    nadunalexander New Member

    I have a pentium 4 1.7 GHz Pc with 256 ram. I have installed some servers on my computer. After that it will get very slow. Specially with netbeans . I like to increase memory. But i dont know it is worthy or not. Is there any way in windows XP to know how much memory used from ram and how much memory in vertual memory and. Total used memory. Any one can help me.
  2. rahulnaskar

    rahulnaskar New Member

    To view your total physical and kernel memory:
    Right click Status Bar->Task Manager->Performance.
    To view your virtual memory settings:
    Open Control Panel->Advanced->Performance->Advanced->Virtual Memory

    Increase/Decrease your page file sizes and benchmark them to find out differences, if any. If results satisfy you, it's done or else you can give a try with putting another stick of 256 MB.
    Hope that will work.
  3. slyfox

    slyfox New Member

    you can find all that infomation in your task manager / performace (ctrl Alt Del ). adding more ram is best option for performance i would rekomend 512 mg mim for win xp. u can buy a stick of ddr pc3200 512 mg for $55 AUD or something like $42 us. i dont know the speed of your current ram but if is pc2700 ( 333 mhz ) then the pc3200 ( 400 mhz ) will slow to that speed as all ram is as fast as the slowest stick. you can download CPU-z google it and it will show u what type of ram u have and how many more slots u have on ur mobo

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