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hi.. am i noob in programing. well had this program with me.. which i have no idea how i should do.. the question is like this.. Count the frequency of the keywords that occur in a file inputed by the user.(the file is a C file).
any help..???
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Analyze your problem, devise a solution, and write some code. Present the troublesome code here for help.

Generally speaking, you'll want to read the file a line at a time, tokenize the line, compare each token to the list of keywords, and count those which match. Learning to do this is YOUR task, but we will help you.

Read this thoroughly before you post your code and questions.

Incidentally, the subject line for your thread should be searchable so that those with similar problems can find the answer. "HELP" is either thoughtless or stupid.
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The question you should ask to yourself is what you have done to solve the problem.