Help Me Solving Problem In C Lang

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HI friends and experts,
I am a budding programmer and i am performing some programs to improve my C skill and can u help me in solving the most blogging .. program... a game ...
The program is :
there are 21 match sticks and user and comp has to pick the match sticks one by one starting from user . person can pick up either 1,2,3,4 match sticks in his turn and finally the person draws the last stick loses...
this is the gaming program and i try and still trying and i kindly request the members of any one help me....
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Starting from user, If sticks picked by user is say 'n' then computer should pick '5-n' sticks. Keep this logic in loop.
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thanks ,
thats clean and short u are really good and once agai i thank you very much ..
i execute the program and got the result with help of u in great share.
by wagmare :