help to solve Project in java language

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· By using java language creates a Double Link List, each node will have an object of Clinic's data (id, name and a Queue of Patients data (id, name, drugs)), then create the following methods:
  • Insert: to insert new clinic with all of its data.
  • DeleteC: to delete a specific clinic.
  • DeleteP: to delete a specific patient.
  • PrintC: to print clinic's data.
  • PrintP: to print the patients' data.
  • Search: to search a bout any patient.
  • Update: to update the patient drug data.
  • CountP: to find the number of patients in each clinic.
  • Max: to find the name of the clinic with the maximum number of patients.
  • Split: to split the DoubleLinkList
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I have read this post and hope can solve the problems, but before that I will share this one with my friends...
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thanks you