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I dont know whether is this the right section to post my Question for u all and if not posted in the right section Mods please move it to the Right section.

Friends i just want to ask you that i have downloaded a Movie from Internet but i want to play that Movie in my DVD Player but when i burn it on a DVD that DVD does not plays??? can anyone help me regarding this??? Is there any specific software to convert files to Play on DVD as i am having .AVI File format which i am trying to play on my DVD Player.

My Player is all-in-one. It plays MP3, DVD, CD's etc but it is not playing this Video DVD so if anyone can help me regarding this i will be thankful to that person.

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I guess the AVI file is encoded with DivX or xVid codec, you'll need an AVI to DVD software, try this link
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When you burn a DVD, Do u burn it as a data DVD or Video DVD (DVD Video), Also tell me which burning software are u using.
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use nero vision and convert it to nero digital format. That will definitely help
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Just check whether you DVD supports .avi or divx codec, coz there are so many DVD players in market which play DVD, but only some of them (The one which supports any media like CDR, CDRW, DVDR/RW or avi, DIVX) can play the movies which are been downloaded from internet.
In simple words just check whther your DVD supports DIVX format & also let me know whether you r burning it as a data DVD or DVD Video (Video DVD)