Please Help regarding implementation of this algorithm

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This is the link for the algorithm:
proposed algorithm
The proposed algorithm can be executed using the
following steps.
1. Sort all the solutions (P1…PN) in decreasing
order of their first objective function (F1) and
create a sorted list (O)
2. Initialize a set S1 and add first element of list O
to S1
3. For every solution Oi (other than first solution )
of list O, compare solution Oi from the solutions
of S1
i. If any element of set S1 dominate Oi,
Delete Oi from the list
ii. If Oi dominate any solution of the set
S1, Delete that solution from S1
iii. If Oi is non dominated to set S1, Then
update set S1 = S1 U Oi
iv. If set S1 becomes empty add immediate
solution at immediate solution to S1
4. Print non dominated set S1

I need the implementation in C++

Please Help::
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How far have you got and where are you stuck? Do you understand the project requirements?

I find it helpful with projects like this with requirements that seem confusing to perform the task on paper myself with a few bits of test data, to get the hang of how to do it. Then I find it a lot easier to code it.