Help!!! PS3 or Xbox360?

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I'm looking to buy a gaming console soon, and I know nothing about them. I've asked a few of my friends what they would recommend and it's become a toss up between a PS3 and an Xbox360. At the moment I'm leaning more towards a 360 because it's cheaper.
So, basically what I'm asking is which console is the best, in your opinion for a complete novice? Which has the wider selection of games (if there's any difference), and which has the better features?
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Xbox better than PS3..Xbox it's future..PS,PS2,PS3 after that Xbox
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yep x box is class they have just added sky tv to the xbox so you have sky on it in a month facebook and twitters is added soon there bringing out like a 3d sensor so u can play games like on the wii but way better check project natal on youtube and check some of there confrences on there too the future is xbox