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Need help for programming Tetris in C

Discussion in 'Game programming' started by dawadi, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. dawadi

    dawadi New Member

    plz guys help me with some tips , ebooks , tutorials................
  2. krazytechno

    krazytechno New Member

    Welcome to the forum.You need to get connected with this forum.This is the place where you
    get all your answers.Please specify what sorts of ebook do you need.Go to www.hongkiat.com. and you will get all oyur stuffs.For tutorial just be connected with us and share your queries.
  3. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    wud u please specify what u want know actually..?? :thinking:
  4. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

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