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Help Making a Program/Bot for a Flash Game

Discussion in 'Game programming' started by FinnShack, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. FinnShack

    FinnShack New Member

    On this game 'everybody edits' I would like to build a bot/program which if I place a Green basic brick and after 1500 miliseconds, it turns into a red basic brick then a further 2000 miliseconds later the brick is then deleted.

    If possible if on the game I say "#1-2000" it will then change the time it takes for the green block to turn into a red brick to 2000 miliseconds, same with "#2-3500" changes the value of red block to nothing to 3500 miliseconds.

    This is the begining of a much bigger project, and this is the first stone and will help a lot.


    If you can help thank-you very much.
  2. FinnShack

    FinnShack New Member

    forgot to say I'm using Microsoft Visual 2010 C++ Express
  3. FinnShack

    FinnShack New Member

    and also "#3-3" changes the maximum number of green blocks to 3, all of the bits in speech marks could equily be in the code or GUI.

    Thank-you if you are helping me.

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