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[Help] Need Password [HotMail]

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by Tymer, May 18, 2012.

  1. Tymer

    Tymer New Member

    Hi, my hotmail account got hacked a long time ago, so i created new things, but now my game account needs my old email confirmation so i can be back playing, and because my hotmail account got hacked i need some help, so i did the password recovery and the email that they sent the password is already deleted, and i dont know the things i put on there like adress and stuff, cause i put it ramdomly :/, so if anyone can help me, Please send me by PM the password of my old email:erectmaverick41@hotmail.com

  2. Exquisite

    Exquisite New Member

    Hello tymer face the fact because ur account was hacked it may be use by another user but try retrieving via ur altenative email address. See you soon.
  3. Tymer

    Tymer New Member

    Has i sayd, the other email was eliminated by me long time ago...

    any help please? :/
  4. Tymer

    Tymer New Member

    Bump :/
  5. Alex.Gabriel

    Alex.Gabriel New Member

    If you don't know your secret answers for your email you cant get it back . You have probably seen alot of tutorials where you have to insert your victim mail , your mail and your password and send as email to some email address. Don't do it. You will get your email hacked. Probably you can just call some green number @ hotmail and talk with them. but i can tell you that you have 0 chances.
  6. Tymer

    Tymer New Member

    can anyone help please?
  7. Syperus

    Syperus New Member

    They already answered your question Tymer. If your account got hacked and you weren't able to recover it then it's gone. Also as Alex said, if you don't know your secret answers your S.O.L. You could try contacting Hotmail, but it really won't do you any good. Sorry man it's gone.

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