Help in Networking Concepts course

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Hello guys ...

I hope all of you are doing well ...

first: this website is greeeeeeeet !!
I was looking for some article for my project and i found it ...

Greet Job !!

well, I need your help ... i have no idea about the Hacking and I do have a project in my Networking Concepts course. I need some simple information and a good software I can download for my presentation. If anyone have a good article by well non people, please send me the URL

Iím waiting for your replays guys ..

Many Thanks

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Thanks and you submitted your query as Article and I moved it to the forum.
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Thanks Shabbir .. i was looking everywhere for my post ..

Ok .. any help !??
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here is a link with all the most important URL's you will use: a very great tool you must have is Cain & Abel. Also a good tool is Net Tools By ReLiX, you must read the help files that come with Cain & Abel to understand the software. And then a very nice article is and then here is a link for others enjoy, I hope it helps. It will help actually.