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Am not able to connect to yahoo website alone. Also when ever i sign in yahoo messenger i got one error message as "yahoo encountered a problem 8100304".

My system details are > xp sp2, mozilla latest browser n yahoo latest version i think its 9 using nod 32 as my anti virus ...

I have disabled firewall. Also i do not use proxy , connected directly to internet....

Since i was getting this problem i format the hard disk n re install xp sp2...but still i am facing the same problem...
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  1. Help and support forum is for Help on using forum and as you have not mentioned your OS I have moved your query to OS forum
  2. Also try giving better titles for good responses
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am using windows XP 2

mozilla beta version

yahoo messenger 9

am not able 2 connect to yahoo website and yahoo messenger
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hope this will help. and remember one more thing, if a software is in beta, pls avoid using that. Use a stable version to get rid of problems.