New here and Need Help in “Natural SEO”!

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I own and operate two sites for fun. If possible I may be able to get a business' to place ad's on my site. Like I said these sites are for fun not profit. I want to get more members though. How do I get my sites to pull in more members with search engines. Are there any tricks you could show an average person to make their site more visible. I have been able to figure out quite a bit from hands on experience as far as operating the sites goes. I thought it might be more than I could handle but sar far so good. Thanks ahead of time for any help you may be able to give.
Thanks again
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little specification required: it free or its + owned on good servers?
2. what is the subject of ur site?
3. is it simple HTML, or is it some software like forum, blog,?
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If you want to pull members from SEO first your site must be visible from SEO's. You can target a particular keywords and optimize your site on it. You can learn a lot from these forum on how to do that but it takes time.
I also suggest you a site called, This site can help you a lot..
Goodluck and welcome!
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The best way to get members to Fun sites is participating in forums and promoting your website through
signature links. Also, by doing link exchange with entertainment sites can increase your traffic.
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Unless you have related site just exchanging links with entertainment site can ruin your SEO
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What you mean when you said two sites? Are they forums or just blogs/ sites? The reason is you used the word "Members" in the post, so it made me think that you were talking about forums or did you mean "Visitors" (traffic) when you said "members"?

Learn SEO by reading and asking questions on various SEO forums and implement what you learned on your sites, note down the results and carry on with strategies which fetch you good results.
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the person who asked the question JUST DISAPPEARED