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help me plzz

Discussion in 'C' started by alienkhan, May 7, 2012.

  1. alienkhan

    alienkhan New Member

    i want to creat a header file in c++ using borland 5.02 plz help me indetail...if any one can
  2. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    File -> New. Save as filename.h, in the directory you want it.
  3. alienkhan

    alienkhan New Member

    i code a program like this

    first i creat a file with add.h that is a header file
    after that
    i created a add.cpp file in which i mention a detail of a function that is to perform by an add function
    after that
    i code a main function in which i call a header file
    but it is giving a error of . invelid like some thing
  4. xpi0t0s

    xpi0t0s Mentor

    ". invelid like some thing"

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. That's really clear.
    Cos I'm a bit dumb, could you post the exact error?
  5. sumtaru

    sumtaru New Member

    First you create a header file, say add.h and put your declarations and functions there without main.
    Then create add.cpp and include your header file like this #include "add.h".Write main function and
    access data and functions from the header file.
  6. alienkhan

    alienkhan New Member

    thanks dear
    but i do all tricks
    i created in c
    but i fail to create it in c++

    i will post the code later . at present i did not have the code.
    thanks for coperation
  7. hRob

    hRob New Member

    Copy paste is king. Please copy and paste whatever u have written, both .h and .cpp files, so that we can take a look and get back to you.

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