Need help logging in on website with HTTPWebRequest

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- I'm trying to login on (or with android useragent, I prefere this)
- I want to create a tool to catch notificataions
- In Fiddler I can see that the webresponse is using an autoredirect to the valid login url (uri ending with "?login=1"). So the login worked!
- In debug I can see that 5 cookies are added
- I have experience with this and I have successfully logged in on other websites using this code

But still the returned html is the login page instead of the logged in page! If I request the main url again, I'm not logged in. Please help!

I'm trying to paste the code here but I keep getting an error on this board :s (Too many live links/images found in your post content. Please edit your post or contact the administrator.)
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code here: