Help.../ How Can I Stop Opening Multiple JInternalFrames Of Same Instance/Kind!

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1) I'm making project in java API 6. I'm using "Net Beans 6.5.1".
2) I want to use "JInternalFrame" in my project
3) I made another package and made "JInternalFrame" there. And then call it in my main application window by firing action performed event on "JMenuItem".
4) It works fine but only one problem occurs that is, if i click on "JMenuItem" again and again, new "JInternalFrame" of same instance are opening, How can i stop that?
5) I want that, if I open "JInternalFrame" once and then i again click on "JMenuItem" to open the same "JInternalFrame", it Should do nothing or it shows the window which already opened and minimized.

Thanks In Advance!
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define one global JInternalFrame

public JInternalFrame frame1;

in the JMenuItem action listener do not use
something like ---> new JInternalFrame();
refer to frame1 instead.

for more i must see your code.
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i bit of your action performed coding would be of help for further help