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[HELP] Hosts file visual Basics.

Discussion in 'Visual Basic ( VB )' started by malikite, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. malikite

    malikite New Member


    Could anyone please help me, I need a code which after the press of a button inputs certain IP Addresses in the Hosts file.

    Please help,

    Thanks In advance :D
  2. malikite

    malikite New Member

    I can't seem to edit my post so im just going to add this one.

    What I really what to do is the hosts file located in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts, which is used to map hostnames to ip addresses,I need to input data or a line.
    eg: # 123.412.423:232 ww.sdwxc.com
    into it, i can only input data when it is in .txt format but the hosts file is in someother format.

    What I really need is when i click a button on a program I add a line into the hosts file to block a particular site,but after its done it should be back to its original format.

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this?
  3. ManzZup

    ManzZup New Member

    i 'vce no idea what you are trying to do
    but you can always open any kind of file in to a text stream using the
    but i muz say that theres a chance of havng gibberish instead what you want
    after you do your changes use

    to write back
    you can use the io class as well
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  4. rahul_mawana

    rahul_mawana New Member

    yes u can do this,just open host file in append mode as text file nd write in it what u want to, before sometimes i did it to make a simple virus.if u do nt able to do this then tell me i will write full code here
  5. techgeek.in

    techgeek.in New Member

    do this:--

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    fileloc = "C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts"
    Open fileloc For Append As #1
    Print #1, "    www.xyz.com"
    Close #1
    End Sub
  6. rahul_mawana

    rahul_mawana New Member

    this won't work if windows instalation drive is not C:\,
    so for knowing windows instalation drive u will have to use a API "GetWindowsDirectory

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