Help! Help!! Help!!! on Pagerank & Google search results

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Hey People

I really need some help.

First: Pagerank (PR):
My website has been showing a page ranking of 3 and just this morning, I found out that it has gone to 0 any reason why such a drastic change could have happened? My confusion about this is that early this year, it was showing a PR of 0 and 2 weeks later it jumped to 3 and this morning, its gone back to 0. Why such a drastic and massive change in PR?

Secondly: Google search result:
I have one of my keywords on page 1 but it only appears on google search result page 1 when I use "" and when I change to "" it is not even anywhere close to page 3. What could be the problem, should it not be that if you rank on page 1 of you automatically rank on page 1 of the .com? Or is it altogether a different ball game? What do I do to ensure they it ranks on page 1 on both if ranking is different on either.

Please your usual professional advice is needed.

Kind regards

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To increase page rank of your web site you should do daily some off page work of your web site. just like daily some directory submission,social book marking,and forum posting .
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PR: Check your latest Backlinks and latest Content in the website. And Build free higher dofollow backlinks will help to increase your PR.

SERP: Build more backlinks from .com websites and UK websites to rank better in the SERP.