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There was an article written about me 7 years ago in an online university newsletter. Unfortunately for me it shows up on the first page of google when my name is typed in. Does anyone know anything about how to take care of this. My first choice would be to get this article removed from the Internet. Help will be very much appreciated.
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You cannot do much because that article may be so well written that it has gained lot of backlinks and you may need to have more links using your name from your page or site you want to rank for. Only way to outrank it.
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But if the university did agree to remove it, wouldn't any links just return 404 error messages? I guess it would depend on whether this article was only about you or whether it contained other information that they may wish to keep online. But if that isn't possible, would they perhaps amend it or agree to an additional comment from yourself?
If these really are not options then I believe that shabbir is correct, your only action is to try to outrank it so that anyone searching for you would see other articles first, though of course that wouldn't stop them still seeing this one.
There is another similar thread to this one, "How to remove Ripoff Reports".
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If it is on university newsetter then it is certain that it has some or the other backlinks for university page also. If you want to locate articles only by your name then you will have to compile one more suiperior then your previous one and will have to optimize it too.
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It was written seven years back and still showing the first position. I think, you have to work hard to rank your site on your name at the top position.
I also want to know your purpose behind removing it, is it harming your name's or website's reputation? If not, then achieving second position is equally important. Try to ask a link from the name landing your website from the article writer. Maybe, it will be beneficial for your site.