help and giude me for expert only

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hello , every one i need your help .
i was learning ado and i work many times in data base using ms access and sql server
but now ineed to go for desktop programming i mean i want to make sound program and more can any one tell me what shoud i go to learn and wich languge can i improve my skils on it , iam now using vb6 .
i wait for you . help me please
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I think, VB.Net or C# would be best suited for this task!
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While vb.NET and C# may handle database a little easier they are unable to be compiled into an executable program so you need to consider your target audience. I personally still use VB6 for most database applications either SQL, Access, Advantage or MySQL. Some people do not like more on their computers that have to be installed before they can use a program and the .NET updates take a lot more overhead.