need help getting around firewall

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Ok so i live in an appartment complex which supplies us with free cable internet which is distributed with routers going to an ethernet port into our appartment. I just bought battlefield 2142 but the game cant log-on because the dumb owners are blocking certain games from working on the network with the firewall. is there anyway to bypass this or hack into the firewall to allow certain ports to go through without access to the actual routers suppling the internet? I do have the port #'s just no clue how to make them accessible with this type of a firewall
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All U Need To Do Is Find A Proxy Bypass Tool And Then The Ip Of Any Open Proxy Server And Its Port...

Download Proxiredirect Or Proxifier, Proxifier Is The One I Will Reccomend...

Remember That U Will Need To Find A Fast Open Proxyserver To Play Online Games...

Search For Proxifier In Google, Thats Where I Found It, You Need To Pay If U Dont Want To Use The Trial Version... Its Cheap... The Trial Version Is Only Limited To 64 Kb/s Downlink Where The Full Versionhas No Limits...


Astalavista!! :d