Need Some Help with function pointers

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How do u declare a function pointer which takes a void pointer and returns a void pointer.

so the function pointer should point to something like

void * process(void * data)


i tried sthing like

(void *) (function *)(void *)

but doesnt work!!!

opinions and view please ( even solutions will do... )
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You were pretty close!
#include <stdio.h>

void *foo ( void *msg ) {
    printf( "%s\n", msg );
    return msg;

typedef void *(*fnptr)(void*);

int main ( ) {
    void * (*f1)(void*) = foo;
    fnptr   f2 = foo;
    f1( "hello" );
    f2( "world" );
    return 0;
I would recommend the typedef approach if you're going to be using the same function pointer type a lot. Your code will become very verbose otherwise.

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