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me and a friend learned how to shutdown other computers at school...i know, big whoop.
but anyways, the alert box that pops up contains our ID numbers and we would like to change that by changing the password of a student who graduated last year and using his account so as to not get caught.

when our id number would pop up it would say ECS\id number. to change the password of an account would i have to put net user ECS\id number *. because i looked at all of the groups and i'm pretty sure every account is classified in one user called ECS\Domain Users.

anyways, since they have command promt blocked i use found in system32, would that mkae a difference?

sorry i'm a n00b.
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I dunno how to do that, im sorry, cant you just look over a shoulder?

My school has cmd blocked too... to open cmd, do following:

1. open notepad.

2. type this
@echo off
3. save as anything.BAT

4. open the .bat file.

Also, to make an message pop up at ALL pcs on the network, type
msg * <message here>
in CMD. Note, that the same proplem with id is here. i got caught by that one OUCH!