need help finding dell poweredge 300sc motherboard

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I've recently had an IDE controller go out on me and need a new mother board fo my dell poweredge 300sc. i have looked around a bit but cant find any. does any one know where i could get one or find an inexpensive replacement. any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you for reading.
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Looking at the specs on this thing, it may be easier to just get a new desktop:

If you were to get a new mobo you would surely want to get a more updated one and not find the original that you had, so would would need a new mobo along with (probably) a new HDD and CD/DVD drive, and you may even want to get a new PSU with it as well, which at that point would be easier to get a new computer. You could build one from scratch and use just the case from the Poweredge to house everything, but you would need to find out the type of mobo to fit it in properly (AT, ATX, etc). Hope this helps.