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help with emailing a virus

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by gramsey694, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. gramsey694

    gramsey694 New Member


    Looking for a bit of help.

    ex has my £900 laptop, wont give me it.

    So was thinking to email a virus which just takes over the pc, she needs it fixed so will bring it to me and i get it back.

    Any tips on how i do this??
  2. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    1. this is not very ethical
    2. call the police and report it stolen. do you have the receipt?
    3. you don't know how to send an email? why does the "virus" need to take over the computer?
    4. If she wont give it back now.. do you really think she will bring it to YOU to have it fixed?
    5. I always enjoy wasting my time replying to stupid questions. for comic relief... its entertaining!
    6. you could write a batch file that changes the name of boot.ini (all versions of windows) which will make the computer unable to boot until you go into safe mode with command prompt, and when and if she both runs the file AND you get the computer back, you can rename the file back to boot.ini. thats your best bet. you will have to learn how to write a very simple batch program. google it. its basic DOS commands that it uses.
    7. this post is for informational and educational purposes only.
  3. King_Kong_Cock

    King_Kong_Cock New Member

    Just report it to the Police, explain that the relationship has disolved and you would like your laptop to be returned.

    I imagine she is being bitter about the break-up, so be prepaired she might have the same idea, so boot-up with caution when you get it back!
  4. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    nice name

    trying to compensate for anything?

  5. en_7123

    en_7123 New Member

    Well I don't think even if you code a virus most of the mailing services like yahoo won't allow you to attach it to the mail as the attachments are scanned.But why you want to do something like that If you have the bill why don't you report it to the police.
    Just wondering
  6. ali_akbar

    ali_akbar New Member

    well hello my dear friend i am just a newbie and a ambisious software 1st yr student well i was wondering is it really possible to send a virus through yahoor other mails.
    if yes plz help me how it can be send n how can i protect my pc n how can i detect myself a file contains virus n how i can remove it myself if i dont have an antivirus.n how do we make viruses actually????

    well sorry for a lot of questions but i m really excited to know all abt software i.e virus,net,etc..
    i just think u may help me in learning..

    r there any books for all these thinks.
  7. Toddie

    Toddie New Member

    learn a programming language
  8. en_7123

    en_7123 New Member

    i was wondering is it really possible to send a virus through yahoor other mails
    Well yes and no .BECAUSE YAHOO AND other mail services scan your e-mail attachment for virus but having said that e-mail attachments has been the method of spreading a lot of viruses.So if you have an understanding of how anti-virus works you can code a virus to fool the anti-virus.Usually an anti-virus looks through the code and looks for pre-defined patterns in it's database and flags the program as virus if a match is found.

    how can i protect my pc n how can i detect myself a file contains virus n how i can remove it myself if i dont have an antivirus
    How can you remove it yourself ?? Install an anti virus.It's not that easy to remove a virus from your system because it keeps spreading to other files finally corrupting your OS which would require you to format and install fresh copy.Well usually virus are .exe files so unless you execute them you wouldn't know unless you are planning to open each .exe file and see what's inside.So it's always advised to have an updated anti virus installed.How do you detect if your system is infected??
    Has your system been running slow ?
    Does it behave in unexpected fashion ? These are some of symptoms anyways you can run a boot time scan to check if you are infected.

    how do we make viruses actually????
    Well use google .Numerous articles on this.Look in the code of some earlier spread virus like Happy99,Melissa.Here is llist of some famous virus.Use google try to figure out what they do

    You will have to learn programming preferrably assembly(I recommend) or vb.net or any other to write your own virus.Be carefull while you code the virus you might end up deleting all data on your disk(I have done that by mistake) or anything else that might you didn't intend.

    r there any books for all these thinks. 		
    Lots of books and lots of tutorial search google.

    Other usefull links

    Hope this is helpfull.Use all these resources and do post on the forum if you could code one or not.Another thing don't try to harm any one with the virus you write as it is a punishable offence.Best of Luck
  9. en_7123

    en_7123 New Member

    LOL:happy:.Are those types of name allowed ?? Wish had know earlier hmmm..
  10. King_Kong_Cock

    King_Kong_Cock New Member

    The nick name was given to me by my wife when she saw "ahum" first time!

    So it's always stuck, I've even used it whilst playing games on-line

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