Help for creating a new key in C++

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Hello people, i needed some help for creating a key in c++.

I need help for iether, creating it or just writing it on an existing one for a program/software, so that every time the computer starts up, it runs my application.

If i want the software to start up for only 1 user and no one else on the network, how would i do that? I read on MSDN that there is something called: HKEY_local Machine or something...which i think is the ip address or for all computers in subnet...

but what i want is, i want the application, to run at every start - up, ONLY for one specific user. So in c++, if i write an program, for exapmple, it blocks the input and swaps the mouse buttons:

#include <windows.h>
#include <winable.h>
int main()

- I want to make it start up every time the user logs in or something, how would i creat a reg key in c++ or any other method of doing it?

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RegOpenKey and related functions you can use to write them.

For Startups there is a Run key where you can have all your startups programs can be placed.
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Hey haven't logged in for ages!!! sory mate....too mch Homework frm school lOL!

um....and im looking for programming abit looking forward to learn something easy first such as delphi or VB.
Thanks!!! take care bro