really need your help C++

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I just started to study the C++ Programming Language. I'm done with the condition statements and jump statements. An idea came to my mind to create a simple program
that will determine if the input is a character or integer.
For example, the program asks you "How old are you?" and then you input a character (A-Z), the program will output "Your input is a Character."
Same as, if the program asks you "Choose a letter from A-Z" and then you input a integer (0-9), the program will output "Your input is a Integer."

Your reply will be a really big help to me as I study C++.

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If you use a function like fgets this will help you do what you want. Then you just have to inspect the contents of the string for the characters, e.g.
if (inputstr[0]>='0' && inputstr[0]<='9')
  printf("You entered a number\n");
else if (inputstr[0]>='A' && inputstr[0]<='Z')
  printf("You entered a capital letter\n");