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I am a student studying university in programming language C ++,
I have a difficult question, and tried and have not yet found to solve
I hope that you help me to resolve it because I need a lot of Pearls grades in this article in the most successful

I ask you to help me and I'm waiting for you

This is the question "
(use array)


Exercise #4:
Assume that a sales man in stationery asks you to write a program to help in managing the books information. Each book has a title, author name, edition no, publisher, ISBN, price. ISBN number is a unique number for each book.

To represent and manage books information in your program, use
parallel arrays; array for each piece of information. use a continue menu
to enable the user to do the following:

  • Add new book to the list. Ask the use to enter the book information. Check if the ISBN is for one of the books in the list display an error message; otherwise add it to the list. Make sure that the list is not full.
  • Update book information; prompt the user to enter the book ISBN , then ask the user to enter the other details. Display appropriate message if the ISBN is not valid
  • Delete a book; ask the user to enter the ISBN. If the ISBN is valid, display the book information and then ask the user to confirm the deletion process.
  • Display a list of all books. Books information should be organized in a table. use formatting manipulators.
  • Display the titles of the books which have number of copies less than five.
  • Sort books information by title.
  • Sort books information by publisher.
  • check whether a book is available or not, by ask the user to enter the book title and if it available display book information.
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see bookish information is not enough try to learn things from internet happy studying
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This sounds like a fairly straightforward task. How far have you got with it and where are you stuck? Do you understand the requirements? Do you understand what is meant by parallel arrays? (It's a fairly clunky way of representing data, but if you haven't done structures yet then maybe that comes next.)

Take the bullet points one at a time and implement one (write the code, compile and test it) before moving onto the next. Do not attempt to write the whole lot in one go without compiling it.
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thanx alot

but i try to solve it

i dont happy when i said i cant but what i con do >>
i need more gards frome this lecature
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first of all start with the menu that is the easiest part of the exercise
and sent your code here for the rest

p.s. if you do not know what parallel arrays are check here

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yah i now shoulde be use menue

do u now iam level 1 in university why doctors give me this exercise look it it's diffcult and i dont learn more code in array Only learned introductions
This question Ponce 10 degrees This is an opportunity for me

i open ur site
and i read it but it introductions frome array
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You need to let your tutors know this is causing you difficulty. Perhaps it is not necessarily a test you must pass but an exercise to determine the level of everyone's ability. If you can't do it and we give you the solution, and you turn in a perfectly good solution that scores 100% then this might be the biggest disfavour we can do you.
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I will try the solution and I wish success it

thank u so much*ــ*