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Help me to buy a domain name?

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by businessman1927, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. businessman1927

    businessman1927 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    I want to buy domain name but i have not much knowledge about it.Will any one guide me?
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Getting a domain is as simple as few clicks.

    See my article http://www.codeitwell.com/best-cheap-shared-hosting.html where I have listed some of my best experienced hosts and you may even get a domain for free with hosting.

    If you are not looking for the hosting just visit Godaddy in the above link and you can get your domain with few clicks.
  3. raanzensg

    raanzensg New Member


    Search your local web hoste to host the domain is best for any sort of services...!!! meet again.
  4. parryrater

    parryrater New Member


    Whenever to host or web service is local hand is best for ever to service issue...!!! meet again.
  5. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Never. This actually mean you host with resellers and not with actual hosts.
  6. Max2010

    Max2010 New Member

    You should also consider to buy a domain which includes at least one of your keywords, this will help you for seo
  7. dhirendra.gvt

    dhirendra.gvt Banned

    Hello friend,

    Making a brief evaluation of your Internet business before you buy domains will help in the process of selecting the most appropriate domain name for your business. This evaluation will involve you compiling the following information: your company name, products or services you are intending to sell, your targeted web traffic and the type of online marketing you are planning to pursue. Evaluating your business and purpose in this way will help you narrow-down on the type of domaine name that is best suited for you.
  8. underground_devil

    underground_devil New Member

    use google :)
    better to buy domain from web hosting company located in your country :)
  9. smart

    smart New Member

    Actually i confused of buying domain names.But unfortunately i visited goresellers.com here i get domain in a simple way.
  10. possible.in

    possible.in New Member

    Before buying/Registering any Domain name you just checkout whether it is available or previously registered!:confused:
    You can check it with sites like:

    If it is available then you can simply register/buy it from any provider/registrar by paying online.:snobby:

    Domains are available for $3 to $18 as per availibility.:sosp:

    If your required domain is already acquired then see if the owner wants to sell it by contacting him or you can get it from backdoor way.:crazy:

    :lipsrsealBackdoor is not always sure because you can only get it if previous owner didn't renew registration within his registered period!! :baby:
  11. denishverma

    denishverma Denish Verma- SEO Expert

    Hi Businessmen :)

    TO purchase domain name is easy to do. There are few sites which are cheap and always best for domain sale like- godaddy , name etc.

    Just go through and choose name and pay.

  12. puviyamilla

    puviyamilla New Member

    too add to the Steps involved in purchasing domain name, try doing a domain name appraisal to check the true value of your selceted domain name
  13. puviyamilla

    puviyamilla New Member

    try doing Appraisal at zippozap.com
  14. PatriciaStewart

    PatriciaStewart New Member

    A great place to buy domain name is Namecheap and make sure you search for coupon before you buy domain and also include the keyword you want to rank well on Search Engine in that domain and make it as short as possible, no hyphen and easy to remember.

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