Help with Basic C Programing Closing

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Im learning C and currently going through the tutorials on However when I compile there second 'example' I enter a number and it closes too quick to read the output. If I run it in debug mode on Bloodshed Dev c++ it stays open and I can read the output. Ive tried adding things like return 0; to the end but im new to this and it never made a difference can anyone help me get the window to stay open?

Code: C
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  int this_is_a_number;

  printf( "Please enter a number: " );
  scanf( "%d", &this_is_a_number );
  printf( "You entered %d", this_is_a_number );

The tutorial im using is here: Click Me

Thank you in advance.
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Just try putting the fflush function before the last getchar function.