Need help in applet

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I am new in java. I need to create the following applet. If someone can give me the code for this, I would really appreciate it. Pls help me out.

You have a newspaper route, delivering De Joisy Nuze to customers every day.

You have these newspaper options:
$1.75 per week (five days) $2.00 daily (six days) $1.00 Sunday, $2.50 Daily and Sunday (seven days).
Daily papers (partial weeks before or after vacations) are 35 cents per day.

You know your customers by first and last names, so you do not need addresses.

Write a Fully Dressed Use Case to plan your Web site.

Design a Java applet to allow your customers to order newspapers and sort them by family name. Be as creative as you can in the time allowed. I prefer that you allow them to change orders already entered. Customers should also be able to stop their papers temporarily when they are on vacation. Your list should show what days each family gets and the total weekly price.
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Duplicate of Need help in applet. Thread closed.