please help me with aircrack

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If anyone knows how to hack security enabled wireless networks please help me.
I started to use the software aircrack but i am having alot of trouble with it. Alot
of the terms used are all new to me. From what i have learned is that i need
special drivers for my broadcom wireless adapted. I dont know where to find these
drivers or even the next step from there. I am using windows xp operating system.
If anyone knows how to hack those network keys please help me. If i have to go
another way that you are more fimillar with it dosnt matter to me. Thank you
for any help.
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hmmm keep up the good work.... even teach me if u r sucessful lol
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i agree with evileye.... tho here are some documentations that wil help you.....
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same lol..

some more info :