Hello people I need help with my c++ assignment

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I really need help & i wish someone could help me

I am required to design an Advisory System which models the academic advisor and advisee system used in any university. An advisor lecturer may have one or more advisees (students). An advisee can have only one advisor. The advisory system must be able to perform the following functions:
1.List all advisors and advisees
•2.Search advisor or advisee by name or ID
•3.List the details of a selected advisee or advisor
4.For a selected advisee, his/her advisor must be shown
5. For a selected advisor, all his/her advisees must be shown
5.Create, modify, and remove advisor or advisee’s particulars
6**Note that changing advisor should change the advisee at the same time, and vice versa.
7**Removing advisor from the system should set all relevant advisees’ advisor to blank/null.

i hope anyone could help me plzZz ....
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How far have you got and where are you stuck?
Have you sorted out your data model yet (doesn't matter if you need to change it later)?
Are you trying to write the whole lot in one go or are you being sensible and doing a bit at a time? So for example you could create a data file in Notepad (or vi) containing some data then start off with a program just to display that data. Then that's part 1 done.
Do you plan to read the whole file into memory, modify it in memory, then write any changes out to file, or will you update the file as you go? If the latter then you need to decide how you'll handle deletions.

We won't write this assignment for you but we will help get you unstuck. However it looks like you haven't even started. Is the problem that you don't understand the assignment?