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hello to everyone : a little help please; im a beginner trying to know VB6

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hello to everyone , im a newbie in VB6, and want some help in VB6 programming, i wish that this would be a good chance that someone would help me in VB6. may i know the source code of how to add three different numbers in Vb6: e.g.


and what if two digits:

12+ 34=46

i know that its just a simple thing ,but honestly i just don't know how to work for it.

i did some little program but not as complex like this. for i want to make a simple calculator on my own.
will you please help me.

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first of all make your project's main form and send it here in a zip file to help you.
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to make it clear you are making a cal as of the windows calc
(the professional type) theres only one txtbox to input?

And you need to get the addition of 3 number.
Is your calc scientific type? I mean the type in which you chould first type everything and then click on the = button to calc?
if so you need to seperate the string into dirrent sections, possibily to a array, by breaking into sections from the + sign.

If not you just need 2 vars.
First variable get the 1st avlue.
a = 1 value
Second get the 2nd value
b = 2 value
when the user says plus a + b
if the user press plus again
a = result (or a+b)
then again user enter the 2nd no
b = 2nd value
again display
a+b (but here now the real value is a+b+b )
hope u get it!
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I's still very simple. Learn more about it.