How to get a hash code.

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This is how to get a hash code from cookies.

-Please someone help i need to know how to get a hash code. For a password. What things will i need. Eg cookies, programs, i can get the password from the hash but can't get the hash code. Thanks
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You submitted your query as an article and I have moved it to forum for responses.
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what type of hash u need. And 4 wat. tell clearly to get more responses
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i think u r asking 4 windows hash code. if yes then i have a program made by me which give u the hash code and then further submit hashes to the sites 4 password
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hope this helps as well
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By sniffing you will be able to get password hashes...
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How can I find my Lost Email Ad ??.
..can AnyOne help me??.Please
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Do Email ad has an Hash code??. What will I need to find it ?.
.Please help me guyz .. thanks..
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what is hash code??