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hard drive format issue

Discussion in 'Windows' started by sharan.patil, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. sharan.patil

    sharan.patil New Member

    Please tell me to foramt the SATA hard drive,I had installed dual operating systems win XP and fedora 8,later i formatted the hard drive with fedora 8.But it contains grub files i cant delete it by win XP CD .Please help me format rhe hard drive.And also tell where i can get bootable partition magic CD.

    thanks and regards
  2. neo_vi

    neo_vi New Member

    First. post ur detailed HDD partition table. That will make a clear picture of ur HD condition.
    To remove the GRUB files ther is a program called superGRUB.
    download the program from this link
    The above link also contains the documentation.
    Secondly, U asked about partition magic Bootable CD. It comes with the program.
    Now its 'Norton partition magic'. After installing the program, It will ask for 'create rescue disk'. When u create that. thats it. U can recover windows by booting from the drive.
    If u have any more queries, feel free to post it here.
  3. oyeLucky

    oyeLucky New Member

    The best way use any Linux Live Cd and format the drive. It will remove grub files even. If you want to create partitions again, you can use use utility named as CFDISK in linux itself which is better than any other tool. I will suggest you to use Ubuntu Linux Live CD which is freely avaiable and even can be shipped at your place free of cost. It contains a tool named as GPARTED. that is the best tool to handle partitions.

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