Hacking Vista passwords

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I know this is kinda nooby of me, but i need to update some remote access software
for my sister before she goes to college, (she is at party right now lol). And i also
wanna know this for my own reference. I know how to hack windows passwords
in many different ways, but i don't know any ways to hack vista passwords.
There is only ONE user account on that computer so i have no access to the computer.
Is there a way? or did microsoft patch it all up?
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yes man u can crack the password of vista just pm me or mail me at hackerboy440-4u@yahoo.co.in
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why dont you give a step by step on the forum so others can learn from this?
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I agree with cpulocksmith. Is vista passwords in another type of hash than that of XP passwords? or is it still using NTLM?