Hacking Twitter.com

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Has anyone done this?? (hacking other peoples twitter.com accounts)

Basically I was dragged onto this site - and I (rather drunkenly) claimed that I hack a persons account and change the background... This is totally harmless - we chat regularly, she loves shoes and has a terrible shoe themed background... All I want is to change that to clogs! (it's the little things that make me smile )

Any suggestions? she is quite web savvy - I tried the basic guesses, i'm looking for a more technical approach.

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Well I found this exploit once which change the look of facebook by a CSS (Cross Site Scripting) script typed in javascript. All you need is Firefox from http://www.mozilla.com and then greasemonkey which you can also get there, greasemonkey is a tool which allow you to automatically run a script on your computer when that page loads. Take it from there.