Hacking Mombot.co.uk

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Hi go4expert.

I hope you respect this post and hear me out guys, I have been playing call of duty online game by activistion for years. Everygame you buy like a realy good FPS game. mombot.co.uk write cheats for these games and ruin the fun for people who want to be good at it. I was hoping that you guys would do me a favour and hack mombot.co.uk powered by vbulliten. Can you guys do somthing to this site so it does not coem up as a real URL so liek ERR: 404 or somthing please.

I know i sound like a totaly noob coming on here asking for help but i realy need this site to be taken down.

And I have a feelign that u guys r just going to delete this post I realy hope you guys could do somthing to this site.

Happy Easter everyone
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Know what you can do.
But I like cheats... Some of them are quite cool.