Hacking my own computer! Vista (with old windows folder)

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So I wanted to start by saying that I haven't updated my computer in forever. I never even restarted it unless there was a power outtage! My computer died. I knew it was coming & didn't back anything up

I transferred all my files over to my new system (vista) & thought all would be fine & dandy... it is not. I can't figure out half my passwords for all the programs that they were always filled in for me with ***'s or whatever. Is there a way to find these out?

I have all the files from the windows directory in a file folder. Is there a program, decrypter, something? I'm talking about msn, outlook (now windows mail I guess), yahoo, website forums, etc.

I hate that I can't get into anything anymore! Any help would be greatly appriciated, all I can find online is how to protect your files, not how to un-protect them, lol
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there is alot of tools that can do that, cain & abel can show you protected storage http://www.oxid.it and go look at http://www.packetstormsecurity.org they will have tools like that and then see the sticky note at the top of this forum, there is alot of links to other cool sites with alot of tools.
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hereafter pls install a key logger in your system, that would be helpful
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^^ I agree with you...
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if the hard disk is same nothing changed in that, then you can try the Ophcrack utility CD Live CD