Hacking a website

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Im trying to hack a website, and im trying to find ways to
HACK the website, only ways i know is finding the master username and password
(aka ftp password, i think?) and SQL injection, But i don't know how to do either one.
and im not even sure if SQL injection works on that site. Can anyone tell me
any other methods that that work or how to SQL inject that site?

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I Just removed the url as I don't think its needed.
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This link will help you http://www.securiteam.com/securityre...DP0N1P76E.html
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Well it depends is this made in microsoft frontpage if so then you can use a google query serach and i think its inurlwd which will list the ftp username and password to that website the password is DES encryption download a program to decrypt it.

As for the sql injection read up on my tutorial on detecting if the server is sql vunerable
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i've already see that link before and yes i've also looked at ur tutorial, but
i still can tell if the site im trying to hack is vulnurable, i can't show u because im
not allowed to post links

and i've looked up some SQL injection codes and put them into the password field
but i don't get anything other than "user not found". do u have to learn the delete functions
and insert them into the forms to delete w/e i want? and plus i don't know anything
about the names of the tables of the website.

and THANKS XXxximmortalxxXX for the "inurlasswd" thingy, i googled that
and found a lot of stuff on google hacking and how to find better
search results