Other ways to hack

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hey guys, im sure ppl have asked about hacking emails a lot and stuff.
but i have a question. so i know 2 ways to hack someones email.
1 is the easiest, keylogger, 2nd is brute force (i use brutus).
but i can't hack with brutus because its only supports http and most
online accounts are https so that means brutus is noo help at all!
is there any other way? the whole SQL injection is too confusing
because i don't really know any programming languages. So is there
any other way to hack.
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You may find lots of hacking stuff here.....!
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wow, thanks man! thats a pretty good site. I got a few ideas from then.
only thing is that it don't show HOW exactly to do stuff, but thats okay. (google)
i was kinda interested in finding some on Denial of Service, i mean, i know
what it is and the different kinds of attacks. I downloaded DoSHTTP 2.0 and
you can only use it 4 times, of which 2 i wasted unknowingly. Is there any
other download? ( i can't find serial numbers for DoSHTTP)
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yea there is umm i posted it some where on this site under ethical hacking section this one ill try to find it and post it for u one sec
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Dos http 2.0 serial key

serial key below



there you go
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wow! thanks dood, where did u find those tho? i searched the internet
for like an hour and couldn't find 1

alright so after u denial of service a site ( i did it to my school's site)
i got this message on the site:

Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80004005'

Unspecified error

/Database/Connection.asp, line 6

is there something i can do to maybe..say make changes on the site
or something?

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well in order to do changes to the site you will have to gain the username and password to that site if ur site is uploaded to a ftp then find out the ftp info by goign to the main schools web designers pc and install a keylogger onto there pc. then u can get information and then logon to the ftp and upload your own new defaced website page.

as for the serial key i really dont remember where i got it lol im sry

glad u like it to

as for the error that means the site was temporarily down due to u.

i hope that you used a proxy of some sort to hide your ip.
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OHH ! dood i just figured something out, but w/e thanks.

okay about the proxy thingy, how exactly do u use one?
do u just like google proxy server and get on a proxy site
and thats it..leave it like that?
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how do you use brutus?
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well let me tell u this, brutus is for password cracking and not for https.
u can google a tutorial, i found 1 online, let me post the link here...well i cna't find it.
its depends on what ur hacking, if ur hacking http form, which is usually the case,
in the type spot put http (form) the click modify sequence then put in the website
in which the login form is located, the click learn settings, then find the password filed
and click password, then click on the username field and click username, then click okay.
then click okay again. then in the target field, put in the ip of the website.
now ur ready