want hack crack my wife`s yahoo account password

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I have doubt on ma wifey that she is talking to someone through her mails i

aksed her bt she remained silient n beahved that nthing such had happened

before Alcatraz! Niphedorurah i want her email account password please help

me how can i get it.
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no chance to get her password here )
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i am going to make a guess and say that she is using a computer that you have access to. if that is the case than you could get a keylogger and keep track that way.
in case you dont know a keylogger is a program that runs in that background and is pretty much invisible to the users. you can set them to as you probably could guess log whats typed some even can take screen shots every X mins, sec what ever you want. i think that would be the best thing to do in your case.
hope that helped and i hope everything works out.
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I will go with cpulocksmith, getthe keylogger http://www.packetstormsecurity.org or http://www.elhacker.net
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visit Crackspidergroup DOT com
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move this to the ethical hacking forum
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Originally Posted by neo_vi
move this to the ethical hacking forum
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omy god what do u know another post on MY WIFE IS cheatin on me i want to hack here e-mail blah blah blahh

Grow up ur stupid scams on the internet are retartded and sooner or later ur realize that

ppl with your stupid post and knowing they wont never work god u guys piss me off when u post this bull crap
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Ya really stupid mate.