how GUI app connect to JavaDB Database?

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I want to create a REGISTRATION FORM using the GUI application of NETBEANS and I created a javaDB database in NETBEANS but I do not know how to connect the database to my gui registration form.

how to connect the buttons through the database.
how to store the value from the textbox through the database.
how to get the information from the database and display it to a text area.

if you have links for that tutorial, it is much appreciated thanks for responding..
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jus go through the JDBC concept u can connect the database for ur registration form
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You don't link the buttons to the database, you link the buttons to events, which in turn activates some action in your application. First create a program where the GUI responds to clicks by showing popup Dialogs, then you know the GUI is ok.

Next, create a text-based class that handles the database functions for you. Once that is debugged and working, you can add methods to allow the two to interact. That way you split functionality between different classes and objects, making your life a lot easier in the future.

Please see to learn about JDBC. Once you understand databases, you can move forward to understanding GUI design. Those are the two concepts you need to do what you want to do.

Best of luck.