Govt interference with VPN software

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I live in a country with relatively tight controls over internet accessibility and have lately noticed when I connect any of my VPN softwares, my internet works intermittently, often not working at all.
I had come across Spotflux (Which i needed a VPN to download) which worked fabulously. The speed wasn't lousy like it was with HotSpotShield or kProxy, but have now found out that it's not connecting to my internet at all.
In fact, when i submitted a problem report, I was told that Spotflux has collected data of govt interference with their service.
I don't really see the government loosening their hold on electronic censorship anytime soon. In fact, i can see the country moving towards the kind of system that Iran and China are currently running on.

What I'd like to know if there's any way to bypass government interference with VPN use? I really love Spotflux and I can't find a comparable VPN out there to replace it. If i can't have my free and open internet back, I at least want to have Spotflux so i can access whatever I want without a hassle.
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Why don't you move to a different country instead.
i suggest you use hide me *** pro which have very great feature and which is best software for vpn,
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the only way you will avoid that is using a paid vpn that keeps no logs. Speciall with servers outside US and UK.