Google’s Criteria for Page Rank

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Can you tell me on which basis Google provides Page Rank? And, how can I increase page rank for the web site?
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The more link popularity you have, and inbound links from the search engines, the greater your rank will be.'s Avatar, Join Date: Feb 2011
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Quality Backlinks
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Originally Posted by shabbir View Post
True. The days when tags were of any use are long gone.
Quality backlinks provide the ranking you need every time.
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By providing quality information, getting quality backlinks, and maintain less bounce rate. So by all these you can get good page rank for your site.
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Good quality Backlink And link popularity.....
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i have read a long time ago that not even people from google don't know exactly how their system works. it is a game of guessing and taking chances after all!
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the criteria has been always the same in the major points:
backlinks, SEM and a lot of content that is not only "copy/paste"
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There is an algorithm of Google which decides the page rank of a website and modify it time to time. The algorithm is called as Panda Algorithm. It decides the page rank and also the place of a website in SERP ranking.