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What is Google Panda.
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Google that out and you will see tons of links what it is all about.
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And i was hopping to see a nice stuff animal with Google Logo and the shape of a Panda bear :P
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Originally Posted by seonitunk View Post
Google’s Big Panda is that any Website that just has “quality content” is begging to be ignored in the search results, overlooked in the indexing, bypassed in the linking, and otherwise obstructed from propelling its owners and masters to the heights of AdSense-funded financial success.
This is google panda....nicely put definition
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Originally Posted by shivprakash View Post
What is Google Panda.
I think this is too big a question for a forum, and a Google search using the same question gives plenty of information.
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Google Panda is just another name given to the Google's Algorithm which is responsible to decide the Page Rank and SERP ranking of a website in the Google's search results in a search term. You can get more information regarding this topic on the web.
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For anyone who still does not know what Google Panda is, it is the name given to a change to their algorithm which was launched in February 2011 with the purpose of "Finding more high-quality sites in search".
If you would like to read some of what Google has to say about it, please follow these links to official statements, which are in chronological order:

There are numerous articles giving different interpretations and views about it which can be found through a search for Google Panda.

Should anyone feel they have any further information to add, please read the thread before posting to avoid duplication.

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