What is Google Pagerank?

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Google Pagerank is the technology implemented by Google to rank a website according to its quality. A website can be rank into 1-10. 10 as the highest. Pagerank are being updated “quarterly”. Note I quoted quarterly because almost every 3 months Google updating its datacenter. But it really depends on Google when will be the next update of the Google PageRank. Can you give other reasons What is Google Pagerank?

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what are the criteria for page rank??
How to get higher page rank??
Factors that are needed for gaining higher pagerank............

can anybody answer this??
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Google technology developed at Stanford University for placing importance on pages and web sites.Google PageRank is Google's proprietary tool to asses the credibility of a web page, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.
To get high PR you must have to do strong and relevant seo work.
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There are some people that are saying Google started to rank pages in such a way that competition has started to find it very hard to be on top
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Google PR starts from 0 to 10. Depends upon the quality fresh content & quality backlinks, Google will give PR to the webpage.
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It depends upon the quality of the site. All factors like content of the site, incoming and outgoing links from the site and so on.
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To get high page rank , you need to interact to a website related to your website's niche. in other words create quality back links. Don't just submit.
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Hi ,
Google rank all Page of a site in scale of 0 to 10 .Which depends back links and your site.0 is the initial level and 10 is the final point .
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Google pagerank depends upon the quality of site. It starts from 0-10. 0 is the lower level of the PR and 10 is the higher level of the PR.
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pr depend upon the backlink quality one of my blog pr is 2 and it is better to take relevant links.
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